Notice Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy is Online!


Dear Fellow Daoist:

A fantasy world is waiting!
Servers of Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy will be released officially at March 17 11:00 (GMT+8)! Come step into this fantastic world and create your own legend!
There are various kinds of surprising events specially for you in our game! Hope you will meet your precious daoist friends in this journey!

Event 1: Treasure Basin
Event: The ingots you recharged within first 7 days (within certain amounts ) in game will get a rebate in 8th day based on a certain proportion! (max to 1000%)

Event 2: Passion for Biyao
Event: You can get SS partner Biyao for free after finishing 4 main stories in the first day of your journey.

Event 3: Lucky draw for Sacred Beast
Event: There will be 5 lucky players who win the chance to buy Sacred Beast Kui Ox in 85% off in a server! All you need to do is drawing lots with 4680 Gold Ingots. ( You will get all your ingots back and some silver for bonus if you haven’t been picked up! )

Event 4: Sign in for SSS partner
Event: Laborious Daoist friends with better fated encounter! Sign in for 7 days will can claim a SSS partner Lu Xueqi for free! Besides there are epic weapon as well as precious materials waiting for you!

Event 5: Kirin Blessing for red pocket
Event: At 21:00-21:30 in the 2nd/ 3rd / 4th day after server released, Sacred Beast Kirin will prepare red pocket bonus for all players in server! Collect redpacket passwords to have a chance to obtain the Redpacket Grand Prize as much as 6480 Ingots! An online fellow Daoist will be chosen to give the Sacred Beast Water Kirin!

Event 6: 7 Days Goal
Event: In order to help Daoist to get better known about cultivation in your journey, Immortal Alliance has prepared 7 days goal for your training. Follow the guide to win SSS partner Ning Wuyan

Event 7: Colorful Dust Harvesting
Event: There's a chance for Colorful Dust Ores to appear in each scene, you can obtain random Colorful Dust by harvesting them and claim rewards for Emperor Fruit! Your spiritbeast will add stats permanently after using emperor fruit!

Event 8: Fortune
Event: Fortune for lucky Daoist friends only! You will get a rebate for 25% if you’ve met the time-limited evens. So do remember to seize the chance!

Jade Dynasty:New Fantasy

Recommended version:System iOS 8.0 , Android 4.2 above
Recommended set:iPhone、iPod 、Android and Windows Maintenance time: Thursday 10:00-12:00(GMT+8)