Notice Update on June 22


Dear Fellow Daoist:

For your better game experience, we have made some optimization in our game.

Please check the information below:

>>>>Update on June 22th<<<<


1. 100 Days Ceremony

       The best time is like the 100-day covenant, and the goldfish blesses the immortals

       Great Sage

       Duration: June 22 - June 24, 19:30-20:00 p.m. 5 rounds for each day

       The Great Sage is blessing you for a hundred days, and Fury presents a good word to Mortal Realm

       You can collect Redpacket Password by participate in the Great Sage event, then send the correct Redpacket Password in the world channel, you can have a chance to earn ingots rewards, top to 6480! We will also randomly choose one of you a「Ashh」as reward!

       Immortal Arrived

       Duration: June 22 - July 8

       During the event, you can obtain various cultivation items in the form of  flip the floral card, and there is also a probability of obtaining 「Remnant Soul of Sweetie」, which collects 30 remnants and can synthesize 「Mount · Sweetie」!


       Duration: June 22 - July 6

       Goldfish have an auspicious meaning, symbolizing many good expectations~ The more goldfish you catch in a limited time, the richer the rewards will be, and the more good luck you will have!

2.「Nebulas」system is coming:

        Nebulas will unlock when the player's Character Level and World Level reaches Lv.80. Activate Nebulas Star to obtain its bonus stats, passive and active skills

        - When the star is available to activate, you can activate it by consuming required items and Copper Coins. You can activate up to 20 stars in total, including initial stars and affiliated star. Different activation schemes can get different bonus stats, passive and active skills

        - In 「Nebulas」, you can reset all activated stars. After resetting the activation, return all items and some copper coins that have been consumed.

        - New 「Nebulas」cultivates a series of props to help you cultivate worry-free:

        1)If you already unlock the Nebulas system, you can earn number of [Star Spirit] by complete daily「Sect Training」「Devil-Suppression Order」, you can use it to exchange for [Nebulas Fragments], [Nebulas Fragments] is a must-have material for activating stars.

        2)After the World Level reaches Lv.80, you can have a chance to earn [Martial Star Stone], [Main Gem] by challenging Immortal Master of 3 stars or more.

        3)After the World Level reaches Lv.80, you can have a chance to earn [Celestial Booklet] by challenging Beast Lord of level 3 or 4.

        4)After the World Level reaches Lv.80, You can see 「Nebulas Cultivation」 in 「Trading Center」-「Store」, there will have [Martial Star Stone]、[Main Gem]、[Celestial Booklet] for sale, you can get them by spending silver.

        For more details, please refer to the 「Nebulas」 related instructions page.

3. New Sacred Beast, Ashh

       - Ashh is coming, if you like it, you can go find Fate Fairy to get one for yourself!

       - Ashh's specialized active skill, [Impressive Prowess]: Strikes at the target with PATK 2 times. If no DMG was taken before this attack, then increases PDMG Result by 20%.

4. Double Mount·Sweetie

       Double Mount·Sweetie is coming! When teaming up, the captain can invite the team members to ride Sweetie together. The team member needs to be in the team.~You can participate in 「Immortal Arrived」 limited time event to earn [Remnant Soul of Sweetie].

       Enjoy Skill [Joint Tour]: When teaming up, the captain can invite the team members to ride Envyless Deity together. The team member needs to be in the team.

【New Giftpacks】

1.「100 Days Ceremony」

       Duration: June 23 - June 7, 00:00 a.m.

       Accompanied by you for 100 days

       -「100 Days Pack」: Free rewards! Gems, Marrow Reshaping Pill, Sacred Stone Coffer are free!

       -「Treasure Discount Box」: 80% off! The treasure box contains the world's treasures, and it is a special celebration of 100 days!

       -「Partner Packet」: 80% off! Tome of Partners is on sale, you can chose a red partner by yourself!

       -「Mount Growth Giftpack」: 80% off! A large number of mount cultivation items help you develop your mount!

                                       Team of Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy

                                         2022 June 22

Jade Dynasty:New Fantasy

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