Notice Update on July 7th


Dear Fellow Daoist:

For your better game experience, we have made some optimization in our game.

Please check the information below:

>>>>Update on July 7th<<<<


1. Summer Carnival

       Celebrate For Summer Carnival

       Summer Carnival

       Duration: July 8 - July 15

       Wisdom is the most unbridled, and cast the divine costume within seven days

       Just log in the game, you can get great props such as Good Fortune, Sacred Casting Amulet, Sacred Beast Jade. We will enjoy the summer with you~!

       I am here, Quark!

       Duration: July 7 - July 20

       Anxious ducks are waiting for the playful little yellow ducks to come home, so find the playful little yellow ducks with your teammates and take them ashore to go home! In this hot summer, you can get team points by participating in the events, and settle the luxury rewards according to the team points!

       Summer Sweetie

       Duration: July 7 - July 20

       In this summer, the demand for ice cream has skyrocketed, Immortal Alliance invites you to open a shop to make ice cream! Your Ice Cream Shop will refresh orders every day, and you can complete your order by obtaining Battle Pass XP, cooperating with other friends to obtain ice cream materials, consuming materials and making ice cream with vitality to complete your orders!

       You can get more rewards if you invite your friends to team up and run the small shop together! Accumulate complete personal orders or team orders, you all can get great rewards! Emperor Wine, Red DIY Rune, Candied fruit Coffer, Centoforge, Avatar Frame & Bubble Frame limited for Midsummer are waiting for you. Wish you all a prosperous business

       If you have completed your daily tasks before maintenance on July 7 and have gained Battle Pass XP will receive ice cream materials normally.


       Duration: July 14 - July 27

       Participate in the 「Elephant」event to gain treasures during event time!Log in daily to get free explore time, and complete daily quests to gain Battle Pass XP and get more free explore times.

       Every time you explore, you'll get a lot of surprise rewards! 1 Small Golden Pill for sure, and other random props such asToken of Peace Remnant Soul, Mirage Bead, Emperor Wine, Candied Fruit, Mystery Essence, Sacred Casting Amulet, etc, you can have a chance to take them home! If you collect 30 Token of Peace Remnant Souls, you can get the new mount, Token of Peace!

        For more details, please refer to the 「Elephant」 related instructions page.

2.「Mortal Realm Calamity」is coming:

        The Beast Lord is about to wake up. In this calamity with the demonic beast, the disaster of Mortal Realm is coming. Protect the Mortal Realm as a team and complete Mortal Realm Calamity to win ample rewards for Immortal Alliance.

        - After reaching the world level of 70, you can team up every Sunday from 21:30 to 22:30 to perform the 「Mortal Realm Calamity」 challenge, each of you has 3 challenge chances, and if the probability of challenging to a specific stage, you will have a chance to get  [Imperial Breeze Remnant Soul].

        - 「Mortal Realm Calamity」Each team will be ranked according to the damage results of each team and more rewards will be issued, and the top 100 Daoist friends will receive exclusive Bubble Frames, Avatar Frames, Robinles, and will be awarded [Imperial Breeze Remnant Soul] for sure!

        For more details, please refer to the 「Mortal Realm Calamity」 related instructions page.

3. Mount·Token of Peace

       Behold, the prophecy is in the pacific heaven, the flowing tune will bring in the festival. The new mount, Token of Peace is coming, don't miss it! In the current version, you can get the mount remnant soul by participating in the 「Elephant」event, and collect 30 mount remnant souls to successfully bring it home! Come and spend the best time with the cute little elephant~

       Mood Skill [Muan the Sacred Elephant]: When the Commanding Spiritbeast releases an Group Magical DMG skill, there is a high chance of adding one additional target. The higher your Spirit Points, the higher the chance of triggering. The maximum chance is 50%.

【New Giftpacks】

1.「Summer Carnival Giftpacks」

       Duration: July 7 - July 20

       Summer Carnival, get the giftpacks togeter

       -「Summer Free pack」: Free rewards for summer carnival! Gems, Marrow Reshaping Pill, Sacred Stone Coffer are free!

       -「Summer Treasure Coffer」: 80% off! The treasure box contains the world's treasures, and it is a special celebration of 100 days!

       -「Midsummer Night Giftpack」: 80% off! A lot of Mount Runes, Mount Runes, help you get wonderful mounts!

       -「Summer Leisure Gift」: 80% off! Summer Leisure outfit is limited for now!

       -「Swim Giftpack」: 80% off! Wonderful flying sword is limited for now!

                                       Team of Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy

                                         2022 July 7th

Jade Dynasty:New Fantasy

Recommended version:System iOS 8.0 , Android 4.2 above
Recommended set:iPhone、iPod 、Android and Windows Maintenance time: Thursday 10:00-12:00(GMT+8)