Notice Update on July 21


Dear Fellow Daoist:

For your better game experience, we have made some optimization in our game.

Please check the information below:

>>>>Update on July 21<<<<


       1.「Beast Lucky Draw」

       Duration:Available for 14 days after reach Lv 45/55/65/75/85, and you can draw the beast during this period. Point exchange shop available only outside the event hours. 

       「Beast Lucky Draw」 will open for 14 days after this time's update.


       You will get 2 [Beast Point] and one kind of random reward after drawing, besides there are chance to get  powerful Mutated Spiritbeast!

       [Beast Point] can be used to exchange items or spiritbeast egg in beast point shop

       For more details please check 「Beast Lucky Draw」

       2.「Beast Revelation」

       Immortal Alliance has researched 「Revelation」 function to activate the power of spiritbeast equipment ( unlock after character reach Lv45)

       - Beast Clarify:

       1) Clarify garb will obtain 1 equal quality [Essence], Clarify necklect will obtain 4 equal quality [Essence]. Dual-skill necklet can be used to perform revelation,  Single-skill necklet cannot be subject to revelation. [Essence] is used to reveal spiritbeast equipment.

       - Beast Revelation:

       1) You can add 1-2 stats buff for Dual-skill necklet and garb from Revelation. Stats BUFF: HP、SPI、STR、RES、AGI.

       2) Revelation has a small probability to add extra perk for Sunlit Armor and Beamshake Garb: Fire Affinity 、Ice Affinity 、Poison Affinity 、Lightning Affinity 、Water Affinity、Physical Protection 、Magic Protection.

       3) Revelation has a small probability to add extra perk for Dual-skill Sunlit Chain and Dual-skill Beamshake Necklect: Strike 、Potential 、Excited 、Pure Mind 、Bright、Shield.

       4) You can choose to save or continue after get stats from revelation.

       5) New item [Revelation Rune] and [Essence]: Use [Essence] [Revelation Rune] and coins to reveal spiritbeast garb and necklect. [Revelation Rune] can be obtained from「Store」or 「Mystic Treasure Map」. [Essence] can be obtained from「Beast Clarify」or 「Mystic Treasure Map」.

       3. 「Breakthrough」

       After world level and character level reach Lv60, You can use Mystic Crystal to Breakthrough Spirit Level Temporarily and get power BUFF for 14 days if you have reached the current max level.

【New Content】

       1. New Demon lord - Kytos:

       Sealed in the Disk of Grand Reincarnation from which he broke free a long time ago, the Demon Lord transformed himself into a monk to perceive the true essence of zen in Skysong Temple. As a result, he has gradually grown out of his demonic ways.

       At the beginning of each odd-numbered round, two Skysong Temple allies will be summoned. In even-numbered rounds, these two allies will sacrifice themselves to trigger the buff. So take care of it!

【New Giftpacks】

1.「Beast Revelation Gift」

       Duration:July 21 - August 3

       Glaze Fire Clarify Legendary Equipment

       -「Free Reveal Bag」:Free revelation gift!

       -「Reveal Giftpack」:80% Off! Disount items for revelation! Try your revelation with discount!

       -「Beamshake Reveal Giftpack」:80% Off! Disount items for beamshake revelation!

       -「Essence Giftpack」:80% Off! Disount items for powerful revelation!

       -「Reveal Box」:80% Off! Disount items for upgrading mount!

2.「Sacred Casting」

       Duration:July 21 - August 3

       Forge spiritual weapon with powerful perk

       -「Forge Material Bag」: Infernal Amulet and Wyrmgrain Jade with discount!

       -「Cast Discount Giftpack」、「Spiritual Weapon Giftpack」、「Craftsmaster Giftpack」: 80% Off! Lots of Sacred Casting Amulet to help you craft weapons!

       -「Legendary Equipment Gift」: 80% Off! Get Wyrmgrain Jade、Sacred Casting Amulet、Solid Spiritbead at once!

                                       Team of Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy

                                         2022 July 21

Jade Dynasty:New Fantasy

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