Notice Update on July 28


Dear Fellow Daoist:

For your better game experience, we have made some optimization in our game.

Please check the information below:

>>>>Update on July 28<<<<


1. 「Sky Emperor's Sword Tomb」 Online:

The vitality of heaven and earth surged, and the sword tomb reappeared in Mortal Realm. Enter the 「Sky Emperor's Sword Tomb」 and comprehend the Heavenly Emperor Sword Intent to get rich rewards. 

- After world level reach Lv75, players who have defated Beast Lord III will have the qualification to challenge 「Sky Emperor's Sword Tomb」( Every Friday 22:00 - Every Wednesday 24:00 )

- You can get [Kendama] after defate Swordspirit which can be used to exchange Libertide Journey’s Remnant Soul、Mirage Bead、Red DIY Rune、Emperor Wine、Back Accessory·Challenge the World (30 days) and other items from 「Treasure Pavilion」

For more details please check 「Sky Emperor's Sword Tomb」

2. 「Mount·Libertide Journey」 Online:

Libertide journeys all over the sky. The expected mount is coming out finally!

You can exchange [Libertide Journey’s Remnant Soul」 by [Kendama] from 「Sky Emperor's Sword Tomb」-「Treasure Pavilion」;

Mood skill [Turbulent waves]: The dominant spiritbeast will get a BUFF that increase Lv*1.5 fixed DMG to target been sealed; get a BUFF that increase Lv*0.7 fixed DMG to target in Debuff status

                                       Team of Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy

                                         2022 July 27

Jade Dynasty:New Fantasy

Recommended version:System iOS 8.0 , Android 4.2 above
Recommended set:iPhone、iPod 、Android and Windows Maintenance time: Thursday 10:00-12:00(GMT+8)