In the vast lands of the mortal realm, men sought eternal life out of a fear for death and acquired unusual talents in doing so. Though failing in their request for longevity, they formed factions and became tied in an eternal contest to annihilate each other.

Zhang Xiaofan and Lu Xueqi flee to the Forsaken Sea to escape an ambush from Bloodsmelt Hall. They accidentally awaken an ancient demon, The Abyssal Viper, and became separated in the attack.

After falling into the Bloodrop Cave, Zhang Xiaofan meets Biyao inside the cave and they accidentally acquire the Lupin Sect’s supreme esper – Lupin Bell. While fighting side-by-side to survive in the desolate cave, they began to have feelings for each other.

Invoking the Curse of Devotion, Biyao drained her blood and soul to protect Zhang Xiaofan from the Regenesis Sword.
“The golden bell's chime missed by the vampire orb's glow; a life lived only for devotion told!”

  • The Clash between Demons and Immortals
  • Abyssal Viper
  • Unexpected Encounter
  • Love’s Ultimate Sacrifice
  • Steeped in history, the Jadeon sect focuses on cultivating oneself to control the forces of nature and eventually wield thunderstorms through magical spells. Its scripture is the “Doctrine of Pure Essence”. Jadeon disciples are the embodiment of righteousness. They eliminate bullies and help the people in need as they travel through the mortal realm.

    The Incense Sect is devoted to the God of Fire. They cultivate the three fires that underpin the life force of living beings. Incense disciples use their heart of supreme light to cultivate the Octovile Flame. They stand in this world valiant and tall as they slay demons and monsters with their flame magic.

    The Vim style of martial skills is overpowering beyond compare. When unleashed, its intense power has the speed and force of a torrential flood that will send shockwaves throughout the realm. However, like tempered steel that can wrap itself around one's fingers Vim disciples will gladly sacrifice themselves for loved ones with no regrets.

    The Skysong Sect follows Buddha’s teachings and contemplates the secret of Zen and karmic reincarnation. Its main doctrine is represented by the Six-Syllable Luminosity Mantra, which can help one reach enlightenment by eradicating human avarices such as greed, anger, obsession, arrogance, jealousy and parsimony.

    The Lupin Sect encourages “cultivating both the internal and external, and combining strength with flexibility”. They have produced a large number of outstanding disciples under this teaching philosophy. Lupin disciples are charming on the outside and cultured on the inside, exuding elegance and grace underneath their enchanting appearance.

    Since prehistoric times, the Southern Border Witchery Sect has revered nature, the sun, the moon and the stars. They are proficient in blessings and life-saving skills. Southern Border tribespeople are simple, peace-loving folks who embody ancient virtues and natural beauty.

    Believing that “unlimited power can be unleashed from combining light and darkness”, the Longevity Hall sect devised powerful controlling spells based on “the unity of opposites and mutual transformation”. Sect disciples are usually reserved and have a high degree of self-discipline and self-restraint.

    The Poisoner's Guild infuses poison into their cultivation. Their martial skills are fast, precise, cunning and decisive, and their actions are clean and graceful. Sect members revere the “Poisoner’s Doctrine” as their bible. They practice both cultivation and research as they travel through the realm. They do not shed blood indiscriminately, but when they do, death is final.

  • Mount Jadeon’s Myriad Peaks
  • Bamboo Shadows in the Moonlight
  • Grasstemple Memories
  • Foxhill Valley